The legend of superscripts

Legend of superscripts
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Lagavulin 1 Statement of the Auctioneer
Bottle no. 2218 of 2580 2 Information on the backlabel or sidelabel
Bottle no. 369 of 6200 3 Information on the box
Bottle no.137 4 of 313 Information on the certificate
SC 999 5 Information at the bottom of the bottle
1981 6 Information on the tax stamp
25 7 years old Misprint
97/700 8
bottling year/rotation no.
Information on the frontlabel, which is visible from the back
95/46 9
bottling year/rotation no.
Information on the backlabel, which is visible from the side
William Larue Weller
Spring of 1997 10
b.Fall of 2007 10
10 10 Years old
Information from the homepage of the distillery or the bottler
Macallan laser code 1c L 229 MC K 28:05 11
bottle code
Information printed on the glas bottle
  Bottom code:
n/a, n/i, n/r

Bottom code:
n/a not available
n/i not to identify
n/r not readable

AB/BBAE = 12/2215 =
bottled 2012 bottling no 2215

 in this year

At Gordon & MacPhail bottlings:
year / bottling no in this year
A = 1   F = 6
B = 2   G = 7
C = 3   H = 8
D = 4   I = 9
E = 5   J = 0


Filling Level

The line on the sticker shows the current
filling level of the bottle, if it is not obvious
(see left picture)


Filling Level, till 2018, in the History:
The lower line of the cask points at the
filling level of the bottle, if it is not obvious
(see left picture).

Gerhard the Great, "de grote Gert"

(1293 - 1340)
Earl of Holstein, Duke of Schleswig.

Temporarily he held sway over complete Denmark.
Victor in many battles and skilful politician.
His residence was the rendsburgian Castle with it's
distinctive blue tower.

75% full original closed

For ceramics and nontransparent bottles we estimate the filling level. Of course all items are original closed.

75% full means:
The contents of the item consists of 75% Whisky and 25% "air".

The contents may change in case of evaporation and differ from the original quality.

Additional capsule

Some collectors use additional capsules to prevent evaporation. In this case we leave it on the bottle.

with 2 icons
with 3 icons

To describe the bottle differences, we use the number of icons, mostly on the back label.