Blacklisted items

The following items are blacklisted

General Rules

  • Bottles with lower filling level than neck

  • Lead crystal decanters

  • Sestante original label bottlings, Alex Albright Ltd., Gambi, De Vreng, Noord`s Vinhandel, DECANTER s.r.l., The King's Cask and Perfect DRAMS (Fort William) bottlings

  • Silver Seal, exception: Whisky Antique s.r.l. are accepted

  • Bottles which are leaking or have traces of liquid

  • Not originally with candle wax or paraffin sealed bottles

  • Whiskyliqueurs

  • Not sealed bottles like Macallan Robert Burns
    or this "uncollectable"

  • Christmas-Whiskies are only accepted for auctions from October to January 

Big Bottles

  • Rebottled Whiskies (e.g. Macallan 1947, 15 years old, rebottled 2008)

  • Black Bowmore, First Edition bottled 1993, resealed with new capsule by Bowmore Distillery: Is accepted only with original Bowmore written confirmation for the authenticity of the original content.

  • Mortlach 1936 Wealth Solution

  • Michael Jackson Special Blend 70cl

  • Normal blends with 0,7 l with value below 20€

  • Bowmore 40yo Wooden Box 1/161, alc. 48.7% vol. because of the breakable clamp at the capsule


  • Miniature blended scotches, when older than 12 years, boxed, cork, tin cap or pull cap

  • Re-bottled samples (e.g. Simple Sample < 0,2L, WIT Whisky in Tube, TDWA The Dutch Whisky Association, Angels' Share Sample)

  • Miniatures with vaporizer


  • Single Whisky-Glass, (at least as pair or with box and with brand name print), non-malt-tumbler, non-malt-long-drink-glasses

  • Ashtrays, mirrors more than 20cm by 20cm, booklets, non-malt-pins, magazines, big fair advertising

  • Cask-covers and distillery-tools only with a certificate of authenticity from the selling company / co-operage or with a photo from the complete cask before. Cask-covers, which are produced from companies as decorative items are welcome in the auction.

  • Artwork only when it's original from the distillery or from a whisky producer

  • Clothes only in new condition

  • Whiskysoires which usual winning bid is not more than 1€

  • Articles with fixed accus, no woodchips

  • Festival wristbands etc

  • Self-made advertising articles like coasters

  • Items without original branding

  • Soires of whisky-liqueurs and with branding like Red Stag Jim Beam