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Result: 6026 EUR in Auction 2023-10

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Distillery: Hanyu
Name: Ace of Diamonds
Bottler label: Original Bottling
Series: Ichiro`s Malt Card
Distilled date: 1986
Bottled date: 2008
Cask no.: 9023
Maturing: Hogshead 2
Finishing: Cream Sherry Butt
Type label: Japanese Single Malt Whisky
Packing type: Bottle
Count of bottle: 527
Alcohol strength: 56.4 % vol
Content quantity: 700 ml
Bottle number: 103
Referral submission: 2293
Lot number: 5673
Auction Category: October 14th, 2023
20:30 Nippon Whisky
Category: NW
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